Scenic City Certification Program


The mission of the Scenic City Certification Program is to support and recognize Texas municipalities that implement high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. The Scenic City Certification Program provides a proven, highly-regarded tool to Texas cities for assessment, evaluation, and recognition of infrastructure standards.

The evaluation reviews every applicant’s existing ordinance and code language in these areas:

Any Texas city may apply to the Scenic City Certification Program for an objective, points-based review of existing municipal infrastructure ordinances. Every application receives a score sheet evaluation; cities that score at the upper level and demonstrate a landscaping/tree planting program, on-premise sign regulations and prohibition of new billboards may earn Certified Scenic City designation.

Best Practices Resource Guide

Scenic Texas worked with UT architecture graduate student Samantha Bernacki to thoroughly review the Scenic City Certification Program and author a resource guide to serve as a tool for community leaders and planners. By highlighting best practices of the platinum and gold designated Scenic Cities, the Resource Guide uses case studies intended to help new and recertifying cities visualize the outcomes that specific ordinance and program language can create.
The Resource Guide can also be used to help gain support at the municipal level. In many case
studies, complicated ideas are unpacked and translated into visuals and narratives that are easy
to share and discuss with stakeholders across professions. Click the button below to view the Guide.

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