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Executive Director

For more than 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of working in the non-profit sector as an Executive Director responsible for self-starting the overall operations from the ground up to include the management and development and implementation of all fund development goals, strategic plans, and board governance for several great Texas organizations. During these years, I have grown to become a strong dynamic leader that brings a track record of vision and innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, rigorous practices in development and program design and a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to the mission of the organization. I have progressive experience, leadership and achievements in the following areas:

  • Fiscal Management, planning and controls to include development of annual budgets
  • Collaboratively work with boards and staff to established 3-to-5-year strategic plans consisting of the overall financial and operation’s agency goals
  • Responsible for collaboration and implementation of annual fund development plans
  • Researched, prepared and executed of federal, state, and local grant proposals/public policy legislative team
  • Created and launched fundraising campaigns, events, plans and activities for each individual agency
  • Executed and implemented three non-profit agencies from their inception, created all agency policies and procedures and consistently increased revenues annually to include CASH RESERVES
  • Exemplify highly effective communication, networking and persuasion skills that link donations with community impact and enhance relationships with donors and the mission of the organization
  • Initiated expansion and increase in services to include establishing 2 satellite offices in different geographical locations and expanded our program services to 3 different cities tripling our organization’s revenue
  • Progressive responsibility in supervisory experience and personnel management to include planning, directing coordinating and monitoring the day-to-day operations and services of an agency
  • Quality control, risk management and assurances for accreditation of all state and agency regulatory compliance to include reporting to each respective entities, donors and partnerships.

In addition, I have a proven record in successfully and strategically organizing and prioritizing the vision and
financial goals of an organization by developing a culture of philanthropy with stakeholders, foundations and business leaders within communities. Due to my extensive background and experience in project management and administration, I have acquired and implemented numerus successful strategic planning initiatives. Most importantly, I have documented experience as a strong dynamic leader and administrator requiring minimal supervision and able to work well independently while eagerly listening and learning from board members ideas and their contributions.
Having been born in Freer, Texas and always passionate about being a Texan, along with my serious background in the non-profit sector, inspiring others to share Scenic Texas vision and mission has been an honor. I am a native Texan and was born and raised in Freer, Texas. I earned a Master of Science Degree from Corpus Christi State University in Corpus Christi and received a Bachelor of Science from Texas A & I in Kingsville, Texas.
Please feel free to reach out to me to advance, preserve and continue to join Scenic Texas in honoring our great state of Texas. I look forward to working together to ensure Scenic Texas reaches new level of growth and impact.

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Marketing Specialist
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Marketing Specialist, Intern.



Computer Programming Specialist
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Computer Programming Specialist, Intern.



Marketing & Communications
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Marketing and Communications, Intern.



Digital Media
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Digital Media, Intern.

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