Legacy of Carroll Shaddock and Sustainability Fund

Nearly four decades ago, a Houston corporate attorney named Carroll Shaddock helped form the nonprofit Trees for Houston – a group responsible for planting and caring for more than 200,000 trees throughout the city. He also founded Billboards Limited, which banned new billboards across Houston in 1980, established a citizen referendum on bus shelters and eventually became Scenic Houston – one of Scenic Texas’ first chapters. 

Shaddock brought passion for beautification of Texas and Houston into every facet of his work for our organization, serving in various roles over the years without pay. Until 2019, when Scenic Texas hired its first full-time Executive Director, we were a volunteer-based organization running on donations, volunteers, and Shaddock’s determination. 

To celebrate his passion for beautification, Scenic Texas established the Carroll Shaddock Sustainability Fund, which will continue his legacy of pro-scenic policies, tree-planting, and streetscape enhancements. 

The Carroll Shaddock Sustainability Fund includes the following membership levels:

  • Friends of Carroll Shaddock Founding members: $5,000 annual pledge
  • Sustaining members: $1,000 annual pledge

The goal of the Carroll Shaddock Sustainability Fund is to reach $50,000 every year to ensure statewide advocacy for pro-scenic policies. These advocacy efforts can be a challenge to fundraise for but are at the core of what Scenic Texas has done for almost 40 years. This funding base will also serve to advance our 1 Million Trees Across Texas initiative to help communities further enhance their roads by providing native species of trees to be planted along roads, highways, and parks. 

The initiative, in partnership with TxDOT’s Green Ribbon Program and Texas Forest Service, will provide resources to these communities for best practices in planting and maintenance to ensure these mini-forests and tree plantings are cultivated for decades of scenic beauty enjoyment.

Scenic Texas is staying true to Carroll Shaddock’s legacy. We plant trees and wildflowers instead of billboards to make scenic roads and improve public spaces.

Carroll Shaddock Sustainability Fund


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