About Us

We plant trees and wildflowers, instead of billboards, to create scenic roads and improve public spaces.


Scenic Texas was inspired by the visionary leadership of Texas former first lady Lady Bird Johnson. She began the scenic movement during her husband’s presidency and was instrumental in the Highway Beautification Act creation and passage. The First Lady’s vision was to make America the Beautiful a reality. She said in 1968 that “Beautification is far more than a matter of cosmetics. For me, it describes the whole effort to bring the natural world and the man-made world into harmony; to bring order, usefulness — delight — to our whole environment, and that of course only begins with trees and flowers and landscaping.”

Mission Statement

Scenic Texas is the only statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our state’s visual environment.

We are the only state nonprofit that solely helps citizens safeguard the scenic qualities of Texas roadways, countryside, and communities.

Lady Bird and President Lyndon Johnson moments after the signing of the Highway Beautification Act in 1965.


@americanroadtrips @ScenicTexas is a non-profit organization focused to enhance the scenery along Texas roadways 🌴🏡 If you live in Texas, join the effort to plant one million trees this fall! Even if you don’t live in Texas, trees are a critical resource needed to sustain communities across the country and we challenge you to start similar initiatives in your state! It takes ~1000 trees to offset the CO2 emissions for an average American for life! #OneMillionTreesChallenge #trees #sustainability #climatehero #scenictexas #scenery #landscaping #texasplants #pollution #nature #houston #austin #waco #hoa ♬ Lovely Day - Bill Withers

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Vision Statement

We believe in a Texas with exemplary visual standards alongside roadways and enhanced streetscapes that provide better quality of life for citizens and visitors.

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