Scenic Drives in Texas Feed the Soul

How one food blogger discovered nature nearby

by Alex Reichek

Swimming at Barton Springs or Deep Eddy Pool everyday has become one of my regular activities in the past year. I lived right on Town Lake and after running for a few years decided to hit the pool for some freezing cold body jolt temperatures and smiles. In April, when both pools closed, I had to find a way to break through those breaths and feel the water again. I luckily had a friend whose grandparents live on the river in Wimberley and offered to let me park there and swim the 1.2 mile path to the end of the bridge and back whenever my heart desired.

I started driving with my friend in his Jeep Wrangler weekly out there to the oasis for mental clarity, exercise, and it was almost a cathartic experience during the hard times. The hour drive flew by as we went through hills, saw beautiful pieces of large green land, swung by Driftwood wineries that seemed mysterious and fascinating as I usually spent most of my time in Austin city limits. I fell in love with the clean and grassy drives just as much as I did with each pull in the water. The white fences, animals, flowers, small town roads, honey stands. It was all so quaint and helped me stay happy and cheery through COVID’s uncertainty.

I love how magical these outskirts of Texas have become to me and this whole time it had been right under my nose. These last 6 months have given me an even greater appreciation for all that Texas Hill Country has to offer. I grew up in Houston, went to UT for 4 years, and lived in NYC for 8 after college. I couldn’t be prouder to call Austin and this area home with so many opportunities to experience beauty that I missed from moving too fast in the past. There is something for everyone.

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