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Scenic Houston

Scenic Houston sees the public right-of-way along our region’s streets and roadways as the community’s largest public space—the way the right-of-way is designed and built impacts the character of our diverse neighborhoods and shapes the impressions of the city.

Scenic Houston, equipped with its Streetscape Resource Guide as its basis, and led by a working Board and a skilled staff, promotes enhanced design standards for public streetscape projects.


Streets are the lifeblood of our communities and the foundation of our urban economies. They make up more than 80 percent of all public space in cities and have the potential to foster business activity, serve as a front yard for residents, and provide a safe place for people to get around, whether on foot, by bicycle, car or transit. Scenic Houston feels very strongly that city amenities, private and public, should not exist as “islands” of thoughtful and superior outcomes. We seek to provide coordination and resources that will ensure the corridors throughout Houston are as well-planned as the centers they connect. When all stakeholders work from the same standards, such as those set forth in the Streetscape Resource Guide, optimum results will be the outcome.


The unkempt appearance of our freeway right-of-way does not reflect the reality of our world-class city. Scenic Houston is leading the effort to develop and launch new strategies that will improve the overall appearance of our freeway system. Through a series of initiatives and partnerships, Scenic Houston is marshaling resources and can deliver visible, lasting improvements to Houston’s freeways

Scenic Houston has established a public education and outreach objective to encourage broad Program participation from cities in the greater Houston CMSA. Visit for more information.

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