P.O. Box 790772, San Antonio, Texas 78216 | 210.532.4222
First organized in 1993, Scenic San Antonio welcomes all citizens to participate in activities that conserve or enhance the scenic environment.

Scenic San Antonio

Scenic San Antonio members work with TXDOT, the City, private businesses and individual citizens to landscape local roadways, acknowledge projects that exemplify our goals, and support improvements to existing landscape, tree preservation and sign ordinances. As a chapter of Scenic Texas, Scenic San Antonio members support state-wide efforts to prohibit new billboard construction wherever possible, promote highway landscaping funding, create scenic roads and enforce existing statutes and ordinances.

We encourage you to work with Scenic San Antonio in its efforts to (1) prohibit the construction of any new billboards and (2) stop the placement of additional digital signs in San Antonio.

June Kachtik