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We hope you will join us for a scenic gathering in Austin on March 21. In addition to learning about various scenic programs, pending legislation, and Scenic Austin activities, you will get to meet like-minded folks from the rest of the State. These face-to-face gatherings always help to inspire and invigorate us to continue our quest for a more beautiful Texas.

Tuesday, March 21st

11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. –  Coordinated meetings at Capitol, City Hall and Editorial Boards

3:00 – 4:30 p.m. – Scenic Texas Board and member meeting

4:30 – 6:30 p.m. – Social Gathering (complimentary valet)

Scenic Texas Board meeting and Social Gathering:

Café Blue | 340 E 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

*For those that wish to continue your conversations at Café Blue, dinner reservations can be made directly with the restaurant.  Please contact Café Blue at 512-428-5796 or visit their website at http://cafebluetx.com.  (Scenic Texas will not cover the costs of dinner).

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For questions, please contact Margaret Lloyd at 713-898-2819 or Girard Kinney at 512-472-5572.

Texas experienced unprecedented economic growth during the automobile era, with a vast highway network developing across the state as a result.  Scenic Texas has worked successfully for years to encourage landscaping of Texas highways and to foster context-sensitive design of highway construction projects.  However, the visual quality of many Texas roadways has deteriorated because of the proliferation of billboards.  Scenic Texas works to reduce billboard blight in Texas, and to stop the construction of new billboards wherever possible.  Scenic Texas is committed to restoring a positive image and preserving the legendary vistas that have made the Lone Star State famous.


Appeals Court Guts the Texas Highway Beautification Act

On August 26th, the Austin Court of Appeals issued an opinion declaring that key sections of the Texas Highway Beautification Act (TxHBA) are unconstitutional.  As a result, TxDOT’s authority to regulate billboards is eliminated.  This decision (Auspro Enterprises v. Texas Department of Transportation) finds that the bulk of the TxHBA is unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment free speech clause under a recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion in the case of Reed v. Town of Gilbert.

Neither the Reed nor Auspro case was about off-premise billboards (Reed was about small temporary signs and Auspro involves a “Ron Paul for President” political sign).  Nevertheless, the Court wiped out the entire TxDOT billboard licensing and permitting scheme.  The Court’s remedy was very broad — it could have simply focused only on the provision regarding political signs on private property, all that was at issue in Auspro.

The State and Scenic Texas agree that TxDOT may not regulate non-commercial political speech on private property. Our position is that the Court should modify its remedy so that the primary purpose of the TxHBA — licensing and permitting of outdoor commercial advertising signs — remains in place.

What’s at stake if the Auspro decision stands

  • The state of Texas loses all authority to regulate billboards anywhere on the federal highway system.
  • The State could lose 10% of its federal highway funding for failing to meet a federal mandate to “effectively control outdoor advertising.”
  • The sole enforcement mechanism remaining would be in those Texas cities that have adopted municipal sign codes. Texas counties have no sign regulatory authority.
  • Unregulated, un-permitted, commercial advertising billboards, of any number, size or height, will spring up along highways across the state.

Action plan

  • On September 27th, the Texas Attorney General will ask the Court to grant a Motion for Rehearing to reconsider the remedy in this case. – DONE   READ THE FULL MOTION
  • Scenic Texas will file an amicus curaie brief, authored by former Texas Supreme Court Justice Scott Brister, to support the AG’s motion. – DONE   READ THE FULL AMICUS BRIEF


  • On December 8, 2016 the court denied the State’s Motion for Rehearing, withdrew its August 26th Auspro opinion and judgment and entered a substituted opinion and judgment.
  • Texas Attorney General has stated this ruling will be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court.
  • With the Texas Legislature in session, Scenic Texas will support legislation to resolve any constitutional problems in the Texas Highway Beautiful Act.



AIA San Antonio

American Planning Association, Texas Chapter

City of Fort Worth

Gillespie County Economic Development Commission

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Hill Country Alliance

Houston NW Chamber of Commerce

San Antonio Conservation Society

Texas Association of Counties

Texas City Attorneys Association

Texas Conference of Urban Counties

Texas Economic Development Council

Texas Municipal League 

Town of Westover Hills 


Scenic Texas, Inc. and its Chapters in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, the Hill Country, and Comal and Fayette Counties, and its affiliate, Scenic Galveston


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Unexpected court ruling delivers setback to Texas Highway Beautification Act

Houston Chronicle – Opponents of billboards and other signs along Texas roadways reacted on Monday with dismay to an appeals court decision striking down significant portions of the Texas Highway Beautification Act, saying the ruling could lead to a litany of signs along federally funded highways.

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23 Texas Cities Earn Prominent Scenic City Certification in 2016

Cities recognized for excellence in scenic standards, total number of certified cities grows to 66

HOUSTON – Twenty-three Texas municipalities have been awarded Scenic City Certification through the Scenic City Certification Program, a project of Scenic Texas. The Scenic City program supports and recognizes cities for commitment to high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. Nine cities are now certified for the first time, and 14 are re-certifying or upgrading existing certification status, bringing the total certified cities in Texas to 66.

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