Through its programs and collaborative partnerships, Scenic Texas translates its mission statement to preserve and enhance our state’s visual environment into action.

Statewide Chapters

Making Texas an uncommonly beautiful state happens community by community.  Scenic Texas keeps current with local scenic issues across the state through its chapters in Austin, Comal County, Dallas, Fayette County, Fort Worth, Hill Country, Houston and San Antonio, and through new chapters in formation.  Our affiliate organization, Scenic Galveston, is the leader in protecting and preserving one of Texas’ most treasured estuaries.   Together, we all are making Texas a state of vision.

Scenic City Certification Program

The mission of the Scenic City Certification Program is to support and recognize Texas municipalities that implement high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. The Scenic City Certification Program provides a proven, highly-regarded tool to Texas cities for assessment, evaluation and recognition of infrastructure standards.  Any Texas city may apply to the Scenic City Certification Program for an objective, points based review of existing municipal infrastructure ordinances.  Visit http://www.sceniccitycertification.org

State Public Policy Program

Scenic Texas and its chapters work in Austin to provide information, education and advocacy concerning statewide scenic issues.  These issues include the designation of scenic highways, funding for landscaping and tree planting, protection from new billboard construction and the enforcement of existing laws.

Scenic Education Forums

Scenic Texas partners with other statewide organizations to present education forums for local government attorneys, city planners, elected officials and other stakeholders interested in the laws and policies that shape our state’s scenic character, community by community.  Partners have included the Texas Municipal League, Texas City Attorneys Association and the Texas Conference of Urban Counties.


  • The Scenic City Certification Program is a project of Scenic Texas. Learn more about Scenic Cities and how your city might become one! read more »

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