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The Texas Department of Transportation is considering a short-sighted proposal that would double the maximum height of billboards in our state, raising the limit from 42.5 feet to 85 feet. This would erode Texas’ natural scenery and cause billboard blight to litter our state’s roadways.

Fortunately, there is a bill in the Texas Legislature to keep monstrous billboards from polluting our state. HB 3368, authored by Rep. Geanie Morrison, aligns with our mission of preserving Texas’s scenic beauty by maintaining the current height restriction for billboards. The Senate unanimously passed the identical version of this bill and now we need the House to do the same. We don’t want to risk the spread of billboards that tower almost as tall as nine-story buildings.

 Call your local representatives – particularly those on the Transportation and Calendars Committees – and urge them to support this bill today! 

You can find your local representatives by clicking here.

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