P. O. Box 101264, Fort Worth, TX 76185-1264
Founded in 1995, Scenic Fort Worth promotes scenic beauty as a valuable asset for all who live, visit, and conduct business in the City of Fort Worth. We are committed to preserve and enhance the natural and built environment of the city through public policy, information, and education.
preserving and enhancing our state’s visual environment

Scenic Ft. Worth

Our philosophy is to provide leadership and to develop alliances that build a strong community voice for quality of life ordinances and programs.

Public policy successes to date include City of Fort Worth ordinances and policies that

  • Ban new billboards in the City and its ETJ and do not allow conversion of existing billboards to electronic signs or require relocation of billboards removed for public work projects;
  • Set new standards for commercial signs by requiring monument signs and by establishing limits for temporary signs and “attention-getting devices”;
  • Changed the route and design of a State highway and toll road and required context sensitive road design, extensive landscaping and lower speed limits within the City of Fort Worth;
  • Require landscaping for all new business and industrial developments and for major additions to existing sites;
  • Increase the tree canopy for the entire city by protecting mature trees and requiring new tree planting in all zoning categories; and
  • Develop downtown green space and play areas, trees on a historic boulevard, and public/private development of a community park.

A community conference series facilitated by Scenic Fort Worth has addressed mixed-use development, sustainability policies, urban density, and transportation. These create a forum where City officials and staff, business and professional representatives, and neighborhood people learn, share visions, and exchange ideas.

Scenic Fort Worth monitors ordinance enforcement, works to strengthen them, and studies the impact of annual City budgets.  We are working toward using electronic media to make Scenic Fort Worth more accessible and effective.


Judy Harman, President — JLHftworth@aol.com

Louise Appleman, Vice President — applelou@msn.com

Margaret DeMoss, Secretary/Treasurer — mdemoss@demossco.com