Fayette County is rich in history and culture, and is renowned for its natural beauty. It has large German, Czech and also Wend populations, which are quite active in promoting their heritage. Fayette County is also home to Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites. Situated in the middle between Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Fayette County is now "the" destination for many Texas retirees.
preserving and enhancing our state’s visual environment

Scenic Fayette County


Scenic Fayette County is the first rural chapter of Scenic Texas, having been formed on June 4, 2010 by a group of concerned citizens assembled by Carroll Shaddock,  Founding Director of Scenic Texas and Fayette County property owner.  These citizens recognized that the natural beauty of Fayette County and its miles of scenic roadways, especially beautiful during the wildflower season, would soon be a thing of the past unless action was taken now to develop a policy where growth and development would occur, but occur under a policy where the natural beauty, heritage and history of the area would be preserved.  The lack of regulations of billboards in rural areas has become especially alarming to many in Fayette County because it threatens to destroy the peaceful tranquility one can experience while driving through our area.


In 2007 and 2009 Scenic Fayette County was successful in obtaining a resolution from the Fayette County Commissioners Court requesting legislation to give Fayette County the option to prohibit off-premise signs.  The County Judge and County Commissioners are fully supportive or our goals.

Current Projects

Scenic Fayette County is currently working hard to grow the chapter by seeking out members of the community that will help advance our goals, and is identifying ways in which Fayette County can preserve and enhance its scenic character.





Dick Smith- Chairman


Harold Streicher- President