Scenic Comal County is the newest Scenic Texas chapter, formed in 2012. Comal County includes some of Texas' most prized scenic recreation areas. Scenic Comal County desires to protect, preserve and restore the natural beauty of these jewels of the Texas Hill Country for all.

Scenic Comal County

Comal  County

The crystal clear waters of Canyon Lake, Guadalupe and Comal Rivers, and abundant wildflowers, green hills and valleys create magnificent scenery.   However, fishing line, cigarette butts, cans, paper, glass, plastic, and foam debris accumulate along the shores of Canyon Lake and elsewhere.   Billboard companies erect their intrusive brightly lit signs in the most scenic spots illuminating formerly dark skies.   However, we can join together to help restore our environment.  The battle to preserve our natural heritage is worth it!


To preserve the scenic beauty of Comal County by stopping billboard proliferation, minimizing light pollution, and cleaning up litter.

Make a Difference

Join Scenic Texas today and contact us to learn more about what you can do to help preserve Scenic Comal County.

If you are interested in becoming involved in Scenic Comal County, please contact Chris Cornwell at