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Scenic Austin rallies all who care about Austin to oppose digital billboards

In late 2015, the leading owner of outdoor advertising billboards in Austin asked the city to permit conversion of existing billboards across Austin into digital, changeable message boards that would switch advertisements as often as every eight seconds.  Currently, city ordinances prohibit such conversion.

In opposition to this billboard industry request, Scenic Austin,led by Scenic Texas executive committee member and Scenic Austin President Girard Kinney, is actively engaged in a public outreach and education program to urge Austin citizens, neighborhood associations and businesses to speak out against this conversion.  Scenic Austin is urging those who oppose digital billboards to share their stance with Austin City Council. Scenic Austin believes that 24 hour per day, changing, brightly lit billboards pose a significant driver distraction and would negatively affect quality of life for all who live and work in Austin, and all who visit.

A new Scenic Austin video clearly and pointedly describes the economic development and quality of life problems that digital billboards present.   The path that Austin City Council chooses to take on this issue is being watched closely across Texas.

Thanks in large part to Scenic Austin’s work empowering citizens to weigh on this important issue, City of Austin staff recently issued a memorandum to the Mayor and members of Austin City Council recommending that current Austin ordinance language not be changed.   This recommendation supports maintaining the status quo, and keeping Austin free of digital billboards. Austin City Council may take a vote on the matter this summer.

Contact Scenic Austin for more information on digital billboard safety issues and how to weigh in with Austin City Council to voice opposition to any measure that unleashes digital billboards across Austin.

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