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Scenic America files lawsuit seeking to overturn FHWA ruling on digital billboards

Scenic America has filed a Federal lawsuit seeking to overturn a 2007 Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) ruling that ignored the lighting standards established under the Highway Beautification Act by allowing commercial digital billboards to operate along federal highways all around the country. Click here to read more about this bold step against the proliferation of digital […]

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Replacing Houston’s Tree Canopy

Please read the following article about Houston’s Tree Canopy and consider how you might help in your own community.  What a huge difference we could make if we all committed to planning one tree a year!

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Billboard industry tries to discredit safety report

After a recent study out of Sweden found digital billboards to be dangerously distracting, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America is trying to discredit the findings. Read the full story here:  

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