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Billboard Company Faces Criminal Investigation For Tree Poisoning

Lamar Advertising in Florida is facing more heat as a criminal investigation reveals orders to poison trees  for billboard visibility.   Read More:

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Free Showing of Visual Documentary Film in Dallas Today!

Scenic Texas & Scenic Dallas Invite You to the Dallas Premiere of This Space Available  This Space Available, a visual pollution documentary featuring several notable Scenic Texans is making its Dallas debut at the 42nd Annual USA Film Festival. See how Texans features prominently in the fight against visual pollution as filmmakers Marc and Gwenaelle Gobé travel to […]

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Lamar Employees Admit to Killing Trees for Billboard Visibility

A second Lamar employee has come forward to testify that he was ordered to chop down and poison trees that blocked billboard visibility.  Testimony given in a Tallahassee, Florida case claims that Lamar employees were ordered to trespass on private land and kill trees.  For more information, follow the link below.

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São Paulo, Brazil Going Strong 5 Years After Citywide Billboard Ban

Five years ago,  the mayor of São Paulo, Brazil passed a “clean city law” stripping the 7th largest city in the world of all their outdoor advertising.  Despite initial concerns, citizens now find the ban beneficial.  To read more, follow the link below.

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Scenic Beauty Equates to City Growth

Check out this article about the impact of aesthetics in a city’s growth by scenic advocate and former urban planner, Edward McMahon.

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The Benefits of Urban Trees

Our tree canopy has taken a major hit due to the devastating drought we experienced in Texas this year.  This article reminds us of the importance of our trees and how they benefit us in both obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

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