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Digital Billboards Coming to Dallas

After doing what they could to mitigate the situation, Scenic advocates in Dallas have met with a discouraging agreement regarding the erection of digital billboards.

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Cell Phones to Control Digital Billboard Images?

Does this concern anyone else?  Even with controls in place, this is dangerous technology.  

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3 Cities face hard battle against LED Billboards

All over the country people are rejecting LED billboards in their hometowns. See the following stories for detail. Tacoma, WA: Doylestown Township, PA: Salt Lake City, UT:

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How long is “temporary” when dealing with signs?

An 11m high billboard fouling Belfast, Ireland’s skyline is finally coming down.  Temporary legislation permitted the erection of this billboard on the grounds that the site in question was undergoing development.  The hitch?  This “temporary” legislation was granted in 2007!  Typically, erection of these types of signs are permitted only when they will “screen” untidy […]

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Digital Billboards are “Energy Guzzlers”

A recent study in Philadelphia reports that a single digital billboard uses up to 30 times the amount of energy used by a common household.  Environmental groups that have fought billboards on the grounds of visual blight to a community now have a new angle in fighting these energy-draining devices.  As the following article points […]

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